Homosexuality is an intriguing phenomenon that has attracted a lot of controversy and stereotypes. Even though certain scientists and religious fanatics dispute the authenticity of homosexuality, it still doesn’t deny the fact that it exists. Ignorance and personal biases give rise to confusion and hatred therefore it comes as no surprise that most heterosexual people find it difficult to understand homosexuals in escorts. Within gender lines, homosexuals distinguish themselves into two categories: gays and lesbians. Gays are men who are attracted to other men and lesbians are women who attracted to other women. Gays have encountered a great deal of hate and discrimination because the purported notion of being gay is usually a stereotype that describes gays as men who act like women which defies the purported logic of what defines a “true man.”(Masculine and aggressive)

Lesbians on the other hand also face hatred and discrimination, plus the demeaning habit of men perverting their sexuality. They also face the brutal risk of being a victim of corrective rape. The legitimacy of lesbianism is often debated because most folks believe a female’s desire of being penetrated is associated with heterosexuality. Plus lesbian Ealing escorts engage in contradictory sexual acts, which then begs the question, are lesbians who use dildos real lesbians?

Lesbianism is a sexual orientation associated with women. Lesbians differ and follow specific behavioral patterns, etiquettes and sexual patterns. Butch lesbians are lesbians who take on the behavioral patterns and social etiquette of men in Ealing escorts. Femme lesbians are lesbians that act and behave like ordinary women. Most butch lesbians don’t like to be penetrated but they prefer doing the “penetrating”(in the form of utilizing various sex toys and strap-on dildos) whilst most femme lesbians enjoy being penetrated. Most ignorant people tend to question “why do certain girls label themselves as lesbians if they still crave penetration?”

Egotistical men believe it’s their god given right to penetrate and should be the only ones who do so therefore they don’t understand why certain lesbians take on the role of “penetrator.”

Attraction is a complex process and each person is attracted by a specific individual who possesses the desired physical, emotional and intellectual traits. Being lesbian goes way beyond mere sexual attraction. It also involves a profound emotional connection that is exactly the same as what heterosexual couples share Ealing escorts. Lesbians can genuinely love each other and create an everlasting relationship. A woman’s sexual desire of being penetrated is more of a primal urge that is ingrained in a woman’s subconscious. Someone lesbians choose to act on that urge while others loathe the idea of being penetrated, it is all a matter of personal preference. Even though lesbianism is a sexual orientation, lesbians can still be attracted to women only and want to be penetrated. There is no specific law that elaborates a direct description on the entirety of homosexuality. Plus biases and stereotypes aimed at homosexuality don’t constitute nor describe what homosexuality consists of because most of those biases and stereotypes are created by heterosexuals, and to be realistic, what do they know?


An intriguing Homosexuality
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