Are you looking to have some fun in London? The wonderful world of escorting in London, is one of the fastest moving business that I have ever come across. It keeps changing all of the time. It is actually rather exciting to work for an escort service in London today, and nothing could be more exciting that Mile End escorts of


The latest craze is in London at the moment is erotic massages. They kind of used to be popular when I first started working for Mile End escorts, but then they went out fashion for a while. Now it seems that they are back again, and I must admit that I really enjoy giving erotic massages. Some of the new girls do not have any experience may find the practice a little bit daunting. I keep on wondering if we should have a specialist school here in London. It could make hell of a difference.


I am pretty good at erotic massages, and during the last year, I have been able to increase my dating base as I have started to do more and more of them. It never used to be my main thing at all, but now it is one of the most popular services I provide at Mile End escorts. Of course, there are many other escort agency in London which provide erotic massages, but overall, they tend to be very expensive. Perhaps that is why they are so popular with Mile End escorts.


I would like to have a chance to add other services my menu at Mile End escorts. If you would like to make it big as an escort, I do think that you need to make sure that the services you provide are as flexible as possible. Not all escort agencies in London focus on that, but I really like to focus on flexibility. It makes my work at the escort agency in Mile End a lot more fun at the same time. When you have fun yourself, I think that you are much more likely to have better dates, and I will admit that I focus on that when I do dating.


What is the future of escorting after Brexit? I am not sure what is going to happen, but I am pretty sure that some escort agencies who have a lot of foreign escorts working for them, are going to have a hard time managing. Most of the girls who work for Mile End escorts are English so I think that we are probably going to be okay. That being said, there are very few English girls going into escorting in the UK. We really need more girls to come and work for top escort agencies. I think it is a mind set. So many girls seem to think that escorting is not a proper job. It certainly is, and you can do very well as an escort in London. It helps a lot if you are good at erotic massages and if you enjoy what you do. Fancy trying a massage? Just give me a call when you are ready.

Erotic Massages – The Latest Craze in London
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