Never thought to love someone as much as I experience now. It is true that when you love, there is a different feeling you feel inside, you are inspired every day, and it feels like you are in paradise. It gives you confidence and freedom for yourself. You learn to know your value and worth as a person. I thought I can escape love, but it went wrong, it was unexpected, and all of us cannot stop what we are feeling, it gives us a reason to stay alive and focus in your life. When you are in love you are not afraid anymore to show to the world what you got, and you deserve more. You are not scared of judgments because you know there is always someone who believes in you. When you love someone, there is nothing to fear. Instead, you are inspired to become a better version of yourself. You learn to understand that your opinion does not only matter, but you also have to hear and be fair when judging. When you are in a relationship always have a long patience, you are still a different person at the end of the day and be understanding on your differences. Life may not be easy, you always face difficult roads and always remember you are not alone anymore to meet the situation, you have someone at your side, you have someone to prove you that everything is going to be alright and that would be the best thing you could ever imagine. There is no greater than love, even how precious you are and big your offer you cannot buy love, and you cannot force a person to love you as much as you do. We always have someone who is destined for us, maybe we will wait for the right time for their coming, the more sweeter it is when you expect. Every relationship has ups and downs; you should learn to lower your pride for the sake of the relationship.

One of the happiest moment in my life when I met someone who I waited for a long time to be with me. Someone who has seen my worsts but still chose to stay. Someone who had seen the sadness on my eyes and make me laugh. Maybe if I haven’t met her, I still live miserably. I came from a wealthy family, if you thought it is easy, well, it’s not. My parents are controlling ever since I am a kid, they manipulated me from what I wear, what to do, where to go, who should be my friends, etc. It doesn’t make me happy, I feel like a remote control robot and not their child. It was not me; it was them seeing themselves to me, forcing me to take a course I do not like and become the next CEO of the company is not my choice. I want to be a famous chef and live a simple life with my own family.

I go to London to meet an investor, I have booked a petite escort since I am attractive to small girls. And maybe, she has been the right decision I made. I am attracted to her face and sexy body. She has this charisma that everyone allure. She is a perfect woman for me and then fall in love with her. Maybe this is they call love at first sight. I got a chance to date and kept in touch with her. And months passed she has taught me to be myself and that should I supposed to do for a long time. I have disobeyed my parents and chose my happiness. I have married her, and through the years my love grows with a petite escort from

Through the years with a petite escort
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