There is some part of our life; we want to change and forget. There is a part of us that needs to let go. In life, we cannot assure how our future could be, but we can always try to create it. Life is not easy, and we know it. Everyone struggle and underwent pain. Even the wealthiest people also did, if we experienced difficulties in life, much more to them since they have a lot to think, many things to maintain and how they can continue their lifestyle. No one can escape life unless you’re dead. There are times we want to give up to end our life. Many people committed suicide because that is the only solution that is left. Many people have gone through an emotional illness, and this is dangerous. A disease that only us can heal and no medications can treat if we, ourselves won’t cooperate. If we look at the bright side of the world, and how beautiful it is, maybe we choose to live. Many people experienced depression and anxiety, and this is common nowadays. We noticed how social media effectively in the lives of people. People became so mean, bullying and public shaming are rampant. We saw how our young people die because of depression. Some of them have a cryptic post and just heard the news someone is committing suicide again.


My life is never perfect; I love and broke. My name is Kyle Smith resides in New York City for twenty-five years. I am raised by a factory worker, got a small room, and all of us worked. We have not entered school because we cannot afford the fees. My parents have no time for us, and so we kept our problems in yourself. I hated my life so much, it’s full of sadness. It’s like I am living in the dark and want to be saved. I want to scream, but no one hears me. I want to go away with my life. And so I met James, he is handsome and my co-worker. He told me about his feelings, and I believe it. We live together and thought my life could change. But my decision worsens my situation, I haven’t known him for real, he has a mental illness, he is violent and beating me. And so I run away from him. I am tired and want to live on my own for now. I became a St Albans Escorts from, and it helps me a lot to mend my broken heart. I enjoy the work and the people I meet. I am starting all over again as a St Albans Escorts


Starting all over again as a St Albans Escorts
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