The harder it is to deal with my life the more love that my girl gives to me. She always does seem to understand what needs to be done in our relationship. I think that I would have never been able to deal with so much in life if it was not for her. i don’t feel like I am a burden even though she takes away most of the bad times that I’ve had before. i can’t ever admit that I’m deserving of her because that’s not true. She always does find more than she can do for me and sometimes it is too much. i tell my girl all of the time is I can’t ever repay her from what she has done for me ever since we got together. She is always comfortable with dealing with my depression and having so much sadness in my life. I should not be this alright in my life but she always fined a way to be good to me and keeps me happy no matter what. She does not want me to ever worry about anything no matter what. And it’s time to give her what she deserves to have. Trust was a hard thing to give in my previous relationship. It’s because all of the girls that I’ve been with before where just too bad towards me and have never been decent when it comes to our relationship. The one time that I’ve got a girlfriend that is good is just right now and she is a London gorgeous  escort. i don’t think about it twice. i know how she makes me feel all of the time and I don’t understand why people feel the need to question our love when all we do is protect and tend to each other. it is not going to happen often that a London escort will be able to love me and have a connection that I’ve been always looking for in a woman. I’m not afraid to deal with anything when I am with my London escort. That’s why I feel great when we are together. My hopes were never that high before I have met her. But now it seems like even my dreams are slowly coming true. It is not a rare thing for me to fall in love with a girl. But it’s rare for them to love me back. That’s why I am so happy that a London escort came and give me the love that would make a man happy all of the time. i don’t have to be with any other girl for the rest of my life. i know that my London escort is enough for me to be happy and live an interesting life. That’s what needs to happen and insure that if I keep in walking in the right path my life with a London escort would be just like what I imagine would go. She really does love me and I would never want to think otherwise.

I don’t want to think that a London escort never really gives up on me because she never will.
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